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Monrovia Judgment Collection Service

Monrovia Judgment Collection Service

Monrovia Judgment Collection Specialists

We are your dedicated Monrovia judgment collection specialists. Here at Quarrystone Financial, we help the holders of judgments locate judgment debtors, do asset investigations to find assets such as property, bank accounts, and employment that we can then seize, levy, or garnish. With 23-years of combined judgment collection experience, won’t you give us a try?

We are located in Monrovia, Pasadena, and Los Angeles, CA. We are judgment collection professionals. We routinely help law firms, businesses and consumers collect their Court-won judgments in the Monrovia area and beyond.

Sitting on a Judgment You Can’t Collect?

Monrovia Judgment Collection ServiceLikely you are FRUSTRATED! You prevailed in court. You are now sitting on a judgment. Unfortunately, it is as if all you have is a worthless piece of paper. Collecting judgments is sometimes more difficult that winning your court case. You are on y as getting your money. Call our founder, Mr. Doyle, at 626-878-4158. Maybe he can help you!

If you are here at our website, likely your judgment debtor isn’t paying you! You sued. You won. Now you have demanded payment and your are getting the run-around — or worse. Most debtors who lost in court have no intentions in ever paying you. It is even possible that your debtor is attempting to hide assets and income sources. If this sounds like your situation, you have come to the right place. We’d like to change your discouragement and frustration into a ray of hope!

We want to be honest. Judgment debtors are often serial deadbeats. Chances are, your debtor lied, tricked you, or came into bad times at the wrong timing, as far as your interactions unfolded. Upshot? Your debtor is no serious efforts to pay what is owed you. It is our experience that nothing will change until you do something differently.

Albert Einstein quote

A ingenious guy, Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing

    over and over again

        and expecting different results.

MAYBE… it is time that YOU do something differently.

HIRE US!Monrovia Judgment Collection Specialists

ASSIGN your Judgment to us! – We are Monrovia judgment collection specialists. We will relentlessly attempt to collect from your debtor; to find any and all assets that we might be able to seize! Sooner, rather than later, your troublesome debtor will be sick and tired of us being everywhere. Your debtor will be amazed if we uncover their assets, seize their car or RV unexpectedly. Maybe we can locate and levy a “hidden” bank account. Maybe we will uncover their new employer and serve them with a wage garnishment. If we can create these surprises, often, debtors will reluctantly make arrangements to finally pay off the judgment just to get rid of us!

Mr. Doyle is a skilled asset locator. He and his team are Monrovia judgment ENFORCERS and judgment recovery specialists. We deliver exceptional customer service. We actually take the time needed to research your debtor, their income sources and assets so we can get the best possible outcome.

Lawyers know. They hire us regularly. Maybe this is your first judgment. Frustrating! We know. After winning your lawsuit, you learned that the battle has only just begun! Maybe we can take over those frustrations. If you assign your judgment to us we will become a judgment ENFORCER that –hopefully– your deadbeat debtor will come to dread!

LOCATING Debtors and Their Assets

LOCATE YOUR JUDGMENT DEBTOR – Quarrystone Financial Services has the resources to find judgment debtors. When we were licensed by the County of Los Angeles as process servers, we gained access to all new databases to bolster our already sizeable bag of tools we rely upon to find judgment debtors and assets. We are skilled at finding real estate, boats, cars, trucks — even hidden bank accounts. Finding debtors and their assets is what we do!

We Enforce Judgments Using the Legal System

locate your judgment debtor’s assetsLOCATING of DEBTORS and THEIR ASSETS – If you’ve lost your debtor’s trail, once we locate them, we can then do an in-depth asset investigation to locate homes, bank accounts, autos, and sometimes a new employer.

When we find your debtor’s assets and/or income source we make arrangements to seize those assets, garnish their wages and levy bank accounts. Should your debtor own a business, we can arrange a “keeper”. A keeper is a person who the court enables to sit in the business collecting ANY money coming into the business until the amount of the order is reached. The “keepers” fees are ADDED ON TOP of the judgment amount.

Deadbeats HATE Surprises – Your debtor will not know WHAT and WHEN until we seize, garnish, or levy. Debtors caught off guard by due diligence can be very surprised when we strike.

If our first seizure/garnishment/levy action is short of collecting the entire judgment, sometimes the judgment debtor is so humiliated that they will make arrangements to pay off the remaining judgment balance. Wage garnishments and vehicle seizures are very effective. That sometimes leads to a mindset where they want us to go away! We attempt to be the ‘squeaky wheel’. We want to be the first folks paid.. Chances are, your judgment debtor owe many more people than just you. We use the power of the legal system to execute and recover judgments.

We Help Law Firms, Businesses & Individuals Collect

Judgment collection is expensive, difficult and time-consuming. Your judgment debtor will likely have switched addresses, changed or hidden their employment, and moved assets physically or the title from their name to a friend or relative’s name. That said, we can usually locate their assets and sources of income if they have any. These expensive costs of locating assets are ALL on our dime when you assign your judgment to us. The time, resources, computer time, database subscriptions is ALL paid by us — NOT YOU — nor deducted from any money we recover.

Statistics Prove 80% of Court Judgments Go Uncollected – We want to CHANGE THAT!

80% of Court Judgments Go Uncollected – We want to CHANGE THAT! It seems as if California state laws are purposefully drafted to protect judgment debtors and NOT judgment creditors. How frustrating is it that you, the judgment creditor is a victim of non payment. We get it. When you decide that you are fed up and need help collecting your judgment, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve been attempting to collect your money for some time now, you probably can see HOW the “80% of Court Judgments go uncollected” statistic came to be…

Call US. 626-878-4158. Talk personally with Mr. Doyle. David and his staff are nice people. Unrelenting if you owe our clients money! Some call us ruthless. We are hard-working judgment ENFORCERS!

Henry Ford with Model TAnother interesting guy, Henry Ford said:

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.

Maybe assigning your judgment to “Monrovia Judgment Enforcers” will make this time more successful than you have been to date. Please remember… EVERY judgment collection assignment we take, receives our focused attention.

Call us. (626) 878-4158 – Ask to speak with a Monrovia Judgment collection specialist…

Why Hire a Monrovia Judgment Collection Specialist?

We know Judgment holders RARELY collect what is owed them

Judgment collection in Monrovia, Pasadena, Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, is HARDER than winning your original court case. Judgment collection is time consuming and expensive. Most judgment holders give up trying to collect from sheer frustration. We get your frustration! In fact, our largest percentage of clients are Law Firms. Attorneys, who routinely sue for money damages hire us to collect their judgments. Otherwise they’d have no time to practice law. Attorneys are skilled at winning judgments in court, but do not have time nor tools to collect their own (or their client’s) judgments. The same is true for businesses that end up holding a judgment. Lawyer, business owner, or a lone individual, consider assigning your frustrating judgment to us.

23-years of combined judgment collection experience. We have asset locators, skip-tracers, investigators, licensed process servers, financial investigators, and other judgment recovery specialists READY to go to work. Moreover, we have publicly-unavailable databases and other tools, accessible to banks and law enforcement, at our fingertips. We are MOTIVATED to collect money.

We want to IMPRESS you with our awesome judgment collection abilities.

What Do We Charge?

We charge 50% of all amounts collected on judgments assigned to us. Seems like a lot. It’s not. Collecting judgments, as you know by now, is a tough job. Our rent, overhead, payroll, asset location, investigation — ALL EXPENSES — are on us. You never pay any of that. For every dime we collect that is paid to you, ONLY THEN do we also earn a dime. If YOU don’t get paid — WE don’t get paid! That can be very motivating!

NO UPFRONT COST FOR YOU. ALL EXPENSES we incur collecting judgments are out of our pockets. NO COST to you to get us started collecting your judgment beyond a $10 dollar notary fee. All the possible downside – all the costs of collection are our risk and our cost – never yours.

How we Collect Debtor Judgments

We are Judgment Enforcement Specialists – We are know as “Judgment Collection” professionals here in Monrovia, Pasadena and Los Angeles. We treat EACH judgment collection assignment with focused personal attention. Assigned judgments do not collect dust here. We vigorously work them.

We start by locating the judgment debtor, if you’ve lost track of them. We then begin an asset location investigation. We attempt to locate your debtor’s assets, employer or income stream. Then using every power afforded us by law, we seize, garnish or levy the debtor to collect what is OWED!

We don’t telegraph our intentions ahead of time. We do not mail “courtesy notices” of our intentions to seize/garnish/levy! Most debtors, when their bank account emptied, their car missing, or their employer being served a wage garnishment will sometimes then agree to take the judgment seriously. If not… If the debtor makes renewed attempts to transfer, move, or hide the assets we’ve located, THAT will not go well when we sit him or her down in front of a Court judge.

Debtor Examinations
deposition pictureWhen we are working to collect a judgment, and the debtor refuses to pay, we can also compel the debtor to appear in court for a Debtor Examination. During a Debtor Examination, the Court can compel the debtor to provide financial records such as bank statements, paystubs, even property deeds. The Court will insist the debtor be forthcoming; will insist the debtor reveal his or her source(s) of income. Should the judgment debtor fails to appear for a Debtor Examination, they might be held in contempt of court. That is when a bench warrant is typically issued for the debtor’s arrest. That might get their attention!

Mechanics of Judgment Collection at Quarrystone

You assign your judgment to Quarrystone using an “Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment”. This is an industry and Court standard document. Your judgment then becomes “our judgment” for a lenth of time so we can we can appear in court, work with the court and the Sheriff’s office and any other city, county and state agencies necessary to collect from the debtor.

We become VERY motivated! After we have completed our asset location investigation, we use the power of the Courts to collect from the here-to-now “deadbeat”.

Judgment Collection is ALL we do and we are GOOD! We are NOT ‘judgment mills’. We do not pile stacks of judgments on a shelf waiting for the random debtor attempt to buy a house or get a mortgage loan. We WORK our judgment collection cases. That’s WHO we are. That’s WHAT we do.

In addition to an Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment, a simple agreement which outlines exactly what we do is all it takes to get us started. The simple agreement is to protect both parties. Once we file the documents in Court, we become the “Assignee of Record”. Then we can represent ourselves in court as if we were you. Then we are released to relentlessly pursue collecting the judgment. We divide any funds we collect 50-50% with you.

Problem Judgment? — Let us take a Look at it!

If you have a “problem judgment” of $35,000 or more, Please Call US… If you find yourself “at the end of your rope,” Call US… If we decide to accept your judgment for collection following our evaluation, that means we think we have a good shot of collecting your money.

Want us to consider your judgment for collection:

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If it is after hours –or– you are unable to call us
PLEASE… submit our Judgment. Use our:

Secure Online Judgment Submission Form

You will receive our candid assessment in mere hours…
We will answer you by phone or email – FREE of course!

At the end of our short Secure Online Judgment Submission Form, there is an UPLOAD FILE LINK whereby you can upload a PDF, JPEG or PNG copy of your judgment. If it is not convenient now, no problem! You can upload a judgment copy later. When you are able to UPLOAD a copy of your judgment, there is an UPLOAD DOCUMENTS BUTTON at the bottom of this website you can use anytime.

HELPFUL HINTS: Picture illustrating making picture of documentIf you have only the original Judgment document — no digital copy to upload to us — many computer printers have the ability to scan documents to a JPEG or PDF format.

Your iPhone or Android cell phone can take a good-enough picture for our evaluation. To take a crisp, clear photo of your paper Court judgment, set your phone’s camera settings to the highest resolution and largest file size. Finally, it is usually better to take pictures of documents WITHOUT FLASH, indoors on a flat surface with good room lighting avoiding shadows from you and your camera.

Our Secure Online Judgment Submission Form has other fields where you can include any pertinent information you have on your debtor such as the debtor’s home address, phone numbers, employer or source of income, any known assets, bank accounts, real estate, etc. This will be useful for us in considering whether we can take on your judgment collection case. No matter what our decision, we know your time is valuable, and we will respect that by responding quickly to you.

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Legal Disclaimer

Any information you submit using this "Online Judgment Collection Case Submission Form" is confidential between you and Quarrystone Financial Services. That said, your submission of court-judgment for our review does not mean that we are accepting your judgment as a new case or you as a client. We have NO obligation whatsoever to accept your judgment for collection. Collecting judgments is very costly. Quarrystone Financial Services wants the opportunity to study your judgment and your notes included in THIS FORM so we can make an informed decision about accepting or declining your judgment(s) for collection. Moreover, if we accept your judgment(s) you will not be our client until you and Quarrystone Financial Services complete, sign, and notarize a simple written agreement and an industry standard “Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment"